When you’re ready to tow your boat or any other cargo, there are a few guidelines to follow that ensure your safety. One of them is to verify proper weight capacity with your vehicle’s owner manual. It will provide you with specific details on load and tongue weight limits.

Once you’ve determined that the weight is within the recommended range, you can move on to inspecting the trailer. Visually inspect all aspects for proper function; this includes checking the tires, wheels, and lug nuts. Another critical aspect of safe towing is a properly fitted and attached tow hitch. You do not want to lose your cargo while on the road. Light connections to your trailer need to be functioning, so that those behind you can see if you’re braking or turning.

Taking the proper precautions before you set out will save many headaches down the road. Don’t hesitate to bring your towing package by our service center for a final inspection. We’re here at Salem Ford in Salem, NH to assist you with all of your vehicle needs.

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